Tuna Pasta
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Tuna Pasta
About Tuna Pasta
This is a simple, tasty and cheap recipe! Most of the ingredients are things that you would probably have in your pantry or fridge so can be made on the nights where you don't know what to cook and couldn't be bothered going to the supermarket!
    1. Add pasta into saucepan of boiling water.

    2. While pasta is cooking, add oil, onion and garlic into a saucepan. Stir until cooked through and slightly brown.

    3. Drain the tuna and add to the saucepan with onion. Stir until all mixed through.

    4. Add cooking cream to pan and stir until well combined. Add parmesan, parsley, salt and pepper.

    5. Continuously stir until sauce starts to thicken.

    6. Drain pasta, add to sauce and stir.

    7. Serve with parmesan cheese.


8 years ago

This is so awesome libby, love the site, so making this tonight!

8 years ago

Thanks Jarrah, let me know how you go with it :D

Dan K.
8 years ago

Ive got a tip for variation on this recipe, add some mushrooms to the onion stage, try adding a few tablespoons of tomato paste to the mix after the cream, and add a little finely chopped parsley too. yummy!

Dan K
8 years ago

Ok, so i just noticed parsley is in there... oops

Dan K
8 years ago

and i just noticed mushrooms in the hints hehe