Rocky Road Pudding
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Rocky Road Pudding
About Rocky Road Pudding
I made two of these ice-cream puddings for christmas 2 years ago! I saw the recipe in a magazine and was determined to try it.. and guess what? It was sooooo yum! I personally don't enjoy traditional christmas puddings but this is great :)
    1. Line a stainless steel pudding bowl with plastic wrap, allowing a 2cm overhang.

    2. Break 10 biscuits into 2cm pieces.

    3. Combine icecream, biscuit pieces, custard, marshmallows, coconut, nuts and raspberries in a bowl and mix well.

    4. Spoon mixture into prepared bowl. Smooth the top.

    5. Place remaining biscuits on top of the mixture.

    6. Freeze overnight or until firm.

    7. When ready to serve, stand pudding at room temperature for 5 minutes to soften.

    8. Turn out onto a plate. Carefully peel away wrap.

    9. Drizzle with ice magic and top with sprinkles and cachous.

    10. Serve with custard


8 years ago

Hey Libbie, I love the look of this christmas pudding but im looking for something yummy that I can enter in a work 'Christmas cook-off' that wont melt in the brissy heat. Do you have any yummy christmas treat recipes? ill even share my winnings ;)

8 years ago

Hi there, mmm something that won't melt can be quite hard! There are a few things that pop into my mind and they are a toblerone cheesecake (which may still melt), mixed rocky road (white and milk chocolate) and butternut snap chocolate tartlets. The tartlets are so delicious and can be made in a few different ways! If you would like any recipes, please send me your email address and I will be happy to send some through. I look forward to hearing from you! :)

Arabella dorata
6 years ago

yumm did u make it