Rocky Road
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Rocky Road
About Rocky Road
This is such a yummy rocky road recipe that is a little different to a traditional rocky road. Give it a go, I guarantee you will love it. Thank you to my wonderful cousin Virginia for sharing it with me!
    1. Line a slice tin with baking paper.

    2. Chop all of the raspberry lollies in half and the marshmallows into quarters.

    3. Crush the violet crumble into small pieces.

    4. In a microwave safe bowl, break all of the hazelnut and crunchie chocolate into small pieces.

    5. Place the bowl into microwave and melt at 30 second intervals. After each 30 seconds is up, give the chocolate a stir to ensure that it does not melt.

    6. Once the chocolate has melted, take it out of the microwave and add all of the marshmallows, lollies, violet crumble and coconut.

    7. Spread into prepared slice tin and refrigerate for 2 hours or until set.

    8. Once the rocky road has gone hard, cut into small pieces and ENJOY! :)


Emma (from L3)
6 years ago

Libbie, this slice could be the answer to all the world's problems. Thankyou!!

6 years ago

Thankyou Libby this slice just melts in you mouth 10/10!

6 years ago

Hey guys! I couldn't find the raspberry lollies at the supermarket the other day so decided to use a packet of Allen's red frogs instead! I didn't get to taste but got told it worked well too! I used the little frogs so just had to cut them into halves!! :)