Rocket, Prosciutto and Sun Dried Tomato Quiche
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Rocket, Prosciutto and Sun Dried Tomato Quiche
About Rocket, Prosciutto and Sun Dried Tomato Quiche
A delicious tasty tart which can be served as a light lunch or yummy dinner! The tastes and textures just compliment one another and make it a very tasty dish.
    1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees.

    2. Grease a shallow pie dish and line with the sheet of pastry. Make sure pastry is pressed into the base and sides.

    3. Cover pastry with a piece of baking paper and fill with rice.

    4. Bake for roughly 12 minutes.

    5. Take dish out of of oven and remove baking paper and rice. Return to oven and bake for another 8 minutes.

    6. Once base has been taken out of the oven, whisk eggs, egg yolk, cream, parmesan and salt and pepper in a measuring jug.

    7. Sprinkle the rocket, tomatoes and some of the prosciutto onto the bottom of the pastry case.

    8. Pour the egg mixture all over the ingredients, making sure most of them are covered.

    9. Place the remaining pieces of prosciutto on top.

    10. Bake quiche for 40 minutes or until set.

    11. Allow to cool slightly.


7 years ago

yum we made this for tea last night it was delicious

7 years ago

Good job Lib, this was bloody good!

6 years ago

This was perfect and very tasty, I made this today for a light tea and served it with a thai salad, absolutely delicous.