Rice Salad
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Rice Salad
About Rice Salad
This is a yummy fresh salad which can be used as a side or as a meal on its own. Great to cook when you have a large group of people coming around. It's nice and easy!
    1. Boil rice until cooked to your liking. Refrigerate.

    2. While rice is cooling in the fridge, dice all of the vegetables into tiny cubes.

    3. Combine all of the chopped vegetables with the cooked rice.

    4. Add vinegar, oil and curry powder.

    5. Stir until it is well combined and curry powder has covered all of the rice.

    6. Keep refrigerated as it is best served cold. Can keep in the fridge for almost a week.


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8 years ago

This is very delicious, Libbie , well done !!