Oreo Truffles
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Oreo Truffles
About Oreo Truffles
I had been wanting to try a truffle recipe for so long and when I found this recipe I straight away knew that this one had to be the one I try first! It really is quite simple, a little time consuming but the end result is so worth it :)
    1. Using a food processor, grind the oreos to a fine powder

    2. With a hand mixer, mix together the cookie powder, cream cheese and vanilla extract until well combined and there are no white clumps or traces of the cream cheese.

    3. Roll into small balls (about a teaspoon) and place onto a tray lined with baking paper.

    4. Refrigerate for 45 minutes.

    5. Melt milk chocolate. Once melted, dip the balls into the chocolate and coat thoroughly.

    6. Try and let the excess chocolate drip off and then place back onto the tray.

    7. Once all balls are covered, melt the white chocolate.

    8. Drizzle white chocolate over balls with a fork.

    9. When finished, keep refrigerated.


Abbey B
7 years ago

Easy as to make and really yum too!! Went kinda soft quickly but that could be due to the humid weather. My younger sister even made these as well for Christmas :)

Melissa B
7 years ago

I made these last week, very very yummy, everyone loved them. The only thing was they were tricky to coat in the chocolate. How did everyone else dip them? I used a metal skewer, but it still left a hole in the ball that was still visible when I drizzles the white chocolate over, just doesn't look very nice presentation wise. Would love to hear how anyone else did it... Thnx

5 years ago

I drop the oreo balls into the melted chocolate and then pull them out with a teaspoon. When I pull them out I use the edge of the bowl to wipe off any excess chocolate and then place them straight onto the baking paper.