Mango Sorbet
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Mango Sorbet
About Mango Sorbet
This is a delicious, refreshing summery dessert which is perfect for those hot days! I made this when I was asked to bring a dairy free dessert to a dinner party, everyone loved it and it was so easy to make! Just a quick thank you to miss ali for her wonderful photography skills.. my recipe for this sorbet just wouldn't be the same without this great photo!
    1. Process the frozen mango, orange and lime juice together. This may need to be done in batches as it may not all fit into the processor at once.

    2. Once processed, pour mixture into a stainless steel bowl.

    3. Add chopped fresh mango to the mixture and stir through.

    4. Cover bowl with cling wrap and put into freezer.

    5. Take mixture out of freezer every half an hour or so and give a stir.

    6. Freeze until mixture is at preferred consistency.

    7. When serving, scoop into glass or bowl and pour desired amount on passionfruit on top.

    8. Enjoy :)


8 years ago

yummm that was so delicious! You are amazing Libbie! :)

miss ali
8 years ago

I concur. It was delicious and you are amazing :) I also love the credits *blushing* Your a gem!!

8 years ago

It sounds great Libbie. I will have to try it. :)

8 years ago

Wow this recipe was so easy & quick! it's brilliant Lib (just like ur cooking skills), thanks for sharing the recipe :)