Libbies Thai Beef Salad
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Libbies Thai Beef Salad
About Libbies Thai Beef Salad
I have tried many thai beef salads and all of them seem to be so different. I decided to try and give it a go and it actually turned out pretty good. It is a nice, summery, light meal which can be eaten for lunch or dinner.
    1. Cut meat into thin strips and marinate in chopped garlic, ginger, oil, white wine vinegar and coriander overnight or for a few hours.

    2. Finely chop the ginger, coriander, mint and chilli. Combine all of the liquid and chopped ingredients for the dressing into a measuring jug, and place into fridge until ready to use.

    3. Chop all of the vegetables for the salad and place into a bowl.

    4. Cook the meat to your liking.

    5. Toss meat through the salad mix and cover with the dressing.

    6. Enjoy!


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