Chocolate Crackles
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Chocolate Crackles
About Chocolate Crackles
This is a good old trusty recipe that has been around for as long as I can remember! I used to love these when I was younger, and I still do now! My gorgeous cousin Maria used to keep us entertained by helping us to make these so I thought I would put this recipe up in her memory! :)
    1. In a large bowl, mix the rice bubbles, icing sugar, cocoa and coconut.

    2. Slowly melt the copha in a saucepan over low heat.

    3. Once all has melted, turn the stove off and allow to cool slightly.

    4. Add the copha to the rice bubble mixture, stirring until well combined.

    5. Spoon mixture into paper patty cakes and refrigerate until firm.


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8 years ago

Wow Libbie i am very impressed with this whole setup. The recipes look fantastic but I had better not make them as I will not fit into the dress I have for Jodie's wedding. Maybe I can sample some of your wares at