Chilli Prawn Pasta
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Chilli Prawn Pasta
About Chilli Prawn Pasta
This is a delicious recipe that was first introduced to me from our gorgeous family friend Frances Ammendolia :) It is so good and has been made in our family ever since the first time we tried it! So good :D
    1. Peel prawns and marinate in garlic (1 clove) and a little bit of olive oil. Place in fridge.

    2. Place pasta in boiling water and cook to your desire.

    3. While pasta is cooking, pour oil into pan and add chilli and garlic, cook to infuse the flavour but do not allow to go too brown.

    4. Add prawns to the oil and cook until completely cooked through.

    5. Strain the pasta and add into the pan with the prawns.

    6. Stir through and add white wine and oregano. Cook for another 2

    7. 3 minutes. If necessary, you can add more oil.

    8. Add salt and pepper as desired.

    9. Serve with parmesan cheese.


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8 years ago

this pasta was soo amazing it tasted so great!