Cheese Ball
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Cheese Ball
About Cheese Ball
This is a scrumptious recipe that was introduced to my family many many years ago by a lovely friend of ours, Di Pevy! Ever since we first tasted it we just couldn't get enough and have been making it for many special occasions ever since. I hope you give it a go and love it just as much as we do. Thanks Di :D
    1. Grate all of the 3 cheeses into a large mixing bowl.

    2. Chop shallots finely and add to cheese mixture.

    3. Add gerkin relish and gently stir until well combined.

    4. Using a spoon, mould the cheese mixture into any shape that you like and press down to ensure it will not fall apart.

    5. Once moulded, sprinkle paprika and curry powder all over the outside of the cheese ball. Make sure it is well covered.

    6. Serve with your favourite crackers.


7 years ago

This was soo good!!!

7 years ago

I agree Shan, it it soo yummy, definately making this next time im entertaining!

debbie fattore
7 years ago

hi libbie your mum brought this to my place the other night, it was delicious, the gherkin gives it a real bite.

Melissa B
7 years ago

It is delicious hey? Good on u mum! Haha. Glad to see you guys are still making it :)